Brushfire Deluxe Collector’s Set!

June 10th, 2022

The third and final Brushfire announcement goes out to the Kickstarter backers I adore so dearly.

It’s time to reveal the Brushfire Deluxe Collector’s Set!

If you backed and chose this tier, here is what you’ll be getting:

* Two copies of Brushfire: one regular cover, one variant cover, with a personal sketch inside one of the covers!

* An exclusive sticker set featuring six characters from Brushfire: Bay, Elle, Erwin, Due, Ava Marie, and Donnie!

* A limited-edition enamel pin of Bay! This is one of those things that I am so obsessed with and that I feel like people are going to be bummed they missed, because it is probably the rarest piece of merch I’ve ever produced, and it’s the first of a three-pin set.

* I’m not even joking about this one: I MADE POGS. There’s a big dose of 90’s nostalgia here, both in the book and just about me in general, so I started digging and found one of the original pog-makers online. I got pretty good at it, and included with your Collector’s Set will be a Bay pog! I hope to make this part of a set, as well. Should I look into slammers next time?

I hope you love this stuff as much as I do. Brushfire: Wave 1 is currently in production, with the expectation that the books will arrive in the next few weeks. Then the books will go out to backers, with the people who ordered the Deluxe Collector’s Set getting all these goodies, as well.

Have a radical weekend!


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