Free Cold World

June 10th, 2022

The world is expensive so I would love to give you something for free.

If you’ve read the description for my new book, Cold World, and it sounds like it was made for you, it would be my pleasure to send you a free PDF or Kindle copy for your personal digital device.

All I hope in return is that you’d leave a review on your favorite online reading space, like Amazon or Goodreads, in the next 60 days.

If you try it and you don’t like the book? Don’t finish it, and don’t worry about a review. I just appreciate you using any amount of your valuable time to give my work a chance.

Send me a message on any platform and I’ll give you a link to download. Thank you so much, and if you know someone who might like this book, too, share this along.

If you have no idea what Cold World is about, no worries; the official description follows.

“It’s 2222.

“Eighty years ago, an asteroid struck Earth, setting in motion a devastating chain of events. Those changes reduced our planet to just one season: winter. Meanwhile, through technology and the generosity of groups like the Knights, we have settled throughout the galaxy, colonizing moons, Mars, and a planet we had once called Proxima b, but is now known as Flora. The Knights on Flora have discovered a prophecy: there is a phoenix buried under the Great Lakes of America, and awakening it will bring warmth back to Earth.

“They enlist the reluctant help of disgraced Earther, Calef, his dog, Joan, and his friends to help them in their mission, whether the people of Earth want their help or not. Cold World is a story about hope, spirituality, grief, purpose, and family, and it’s bursting with high-stakes action, romance, humor, and heart. It is acclaimed writer Dennis Vogen’s eighth book.”


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