NerdinOut Con 2022 Day 1

October 8th, 2022

Holy cats, Rochester, you showed up today.

One of the first things I saw was a young boy with his dad. He had just walked into his first convention ever and he was telling his father how amazing it all was while they were in the moment, experiencing it together.

It was the kind of feeling you wish could last forever. I was just happy it lasted all day.

It was so good to see so many faces, familiar and new; NerdinOut is my longest-running con (three years and counting), and the number of people who remember me and come back to my table to catch up or tell me how they feel about my work (so many feelings, you guys!) is delightful. In a rare occurrence, I actually sold out of a book (Them + Us will be back in stock at Twin Cities Con, but for now it is SOLD OUT SUCKAS).

Being at a con means doing a note-perfect pitch and then shoving your foot in your mouth so hard and then having a life-affirming moment with someone who was really affected by something you did to flubbing all your lines and then word vomiting and still somehow making a sale, all in five minutes time.

I live for it.

And if you’re living for it, too, come see me tomorrow as we wrap this baby up for the year. Sunday is a short day, which just means we’re doing this high energy, high cardio, and highly caffeinated.

See you soon.


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