NerdinOut Con 2022 Day 2

October 9th, 2022

Today at the convention, a kid walked up to my booth and picked up a copy of Brushfire. He looked carefully through it and then told me he wanted to look at everything in the room before he decided on what one thing he would buy.

He told me he might be back. I told him I hoped so.

A while later, he returned. Even his mom seemed surprised when she said he looked at everything in the room, and this copy of Brushfire was the thing he wanted the most.

This is probably the single best feeling I can find doing an event.

I actually encourage people to look around when they consider purchasing something from me. I usually joke that I’m not twisting their arm, and then I’m serious when I say that I’m not there to make a sale, but just talk.

I lose sales that way. I know for a fact I lost sales that way today. (But, like a proper jilted lover, I imagine that they go home, realize their grave error in judgement and cry “OMG I should have bought one of Dennis’ books instead, this is the greatest tragedy in the history of humankind lol fml.”)

All kidding aside, I want them to think about everything there is, and I want them to choose me because they think it’s the best choice for them. I think it changes the dynamic of our relationship. I don’t want to force anybody into these worlds. I want these worlds to be somewhere they want to be.

I really hope that kid enjoys Brushfire. I hope he’s not thinking “fml I made a huge mistake.”

Another huge thanks to everybody involved with NerdinOut Con 4: the people behind it, the people on the frontlines of it, and the people who attended it. It’s always a pleasure to hang out in Rochester and catch up with everybody there.

Coming up next: a surprise appearance TBA, and then Twin Cities Con. And then hibernation.


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