Here’s to 2022

December 8th, 2022

Who doesn’t want to curl up with this cuddly pup, a hot mug of coffee, and a good book?

First things first: even though its official release date is tomorrow, December 9th, my new book A Dream of Tin & Eternity is available NOW on Amazon in paperback, hardcover, and digital; please go pick it up if reading a story about what stories mean to me sounds intriguing to you.

Now: I released three books in 2022.

Holy cats.

And three very different books at that.

Cold World, which came out in June, started life just around this time last year, when I was reading Stephen Hawking and the sci-fi universe of the novel just emerged, fully formed and covered with snow, in my head.

It does what I love in fiction: it talks about what I’m thinking and feeling through art, making grand ideas intimate and complex concepts simple, while trying to entertain in this big world with fantastical elements.

It’s a possible starting point for past, present, and future stories, and I really hope people keep discovering it.

Brushfire, my July baby, is my first all-ages graphic novel series, and it’s a world years in the making, and years left in its telling.

I wanted to plant the most adorable, compelling seeds with my underground community of wildlife in Wave 1, and leave readers wanting more. There is so much more to give and this series will be my focus as we start the new year.

And then A Dream of Tin & Eternity, out now, was an idea I tried to ignore over and over and simply could not. It’s a sequel to everything, and both an ending and a beginning. Of course you want everything you do to be successful, but I imagine this as a love letter, a cult book that my most obsessive two or three fans will hold dear in their heart, one of those obsessive two or three fans being me.

All my work is available on Amazon and through links on dennis vogen dot com, my official website. I hope you check it out, and I hope you’re hanging in there this holiday season. All my love.


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