Cave Paintings

January 30th, 2023

One of the fun aspects of documenting memories and recording our own personal histories is the potential that you can inspire yourself.

Scrolling through your past from your present, sometimes you come across the right time at the right time.

In high school, I decided to create a mural. I didn’t know anyone who trusted me with doodling on their property, so I chose my own bedroom wall as the canvas for this project.

I had an idea for a character, and I got to work. Eventually, three full-sized characters lived on those walls.

I had never done anything at this scale before. As far as my imposter syndrome goes, my visual art has always made me the most insecure. In a way, that was the motivation to do this; I had to ignore my perfectionism and the little (big) voice in my head that told me it wasn’t good enough, because it had to be good enough, because I had to live with it.

The characters themselves developed their own mythology, and that was my favorite part. People had to actually come over to my house to see them. Who were they? What did they represent? Where did they come from, and where were they going?

Despite their permanence in my mind — I thought they would live on those walls forever — they were painted over shortly after I moved out. Now we don’t even own the house in which they once lived.

But the confidence they gave me at the time was invaluable. And as I’m getting ready to reveal bigger plans for what I want Sleeping Kitty Productions to be, that young confidence, to do something I previously thought impossible, is something I have to remember and equip again.

Becoming something because you were once something. Doing something because you did something. The right time at the right time.

History creating the future by restoring the gaps in our revisionist memories.


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