March Hare

February 23rd, 2023

Before this month is over, I have one more Unproduced Work to talk about.

I saved the most important to me for last.

The bunny in this photo is my good friend, Jojo.

We go way back.

I created him when I was a teenager. He lives in a place called Bio City, a town that literally flies over our heads.

He tended to have whatever job I had. If I worked in a grocery store or a gas station, Jojo worked in a grocery store or gas station. He existed as a way for me to express myself over how I felt about work.

It wasn’t until I started at a coffee shop that he got his permanent job: Jojo owned a café that he named The White Rabbit.

But the café isn’t his purpose (even though he cherishes the community he fosters within it).

Jojo is an inventor. His inventions are his passion, his craft, his art. And his inventions drove all the stories I wrote about him.

So what happened to him, and his friends and family of Bio City?

They lived in me, and in a box at the bottom of my closets.

I kept coming back to it, but I never felt ready to share him. He has existed for decades (goodness, I am old, but so is this rabbit) and it never felt like the right time to let him play with everybody else.

I kept him to myself because he’s been one of the only constants of my life, and maybe if I shared him, he might not be mine anymore.

If you’re been following this page for any number of days, weeks, or years, you’ll know that I’m kind of a mess. I’m insecure and a people-pleaser and I’m constantly recovering from something. This rabbit (and, later, The Weirdos and the animals of Brushfire) somehow keep the world at bay for me (pun intended), and they help me make sense of it.

Jojo has been there the longest.

It’s time to let him out.

On March 2nd, 2023, I’ll tell you all about it.


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