SKP 2023: The Next Step

May 3rd, 2023

“You’re so colorful the way you use the words you know
I thought I’d start this song with a compliment”

Happy May!

May is both my favorite month of the year and has become, recently, the most difficult (Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday happen this month, and she isn’t here to celebrate them, which gives me all kinds of feelings that aren’t fun to have).

This month’s topic is near and dear to a few reader’s (and listener’s!) hearts: we’ll be talking about the history and legacy of The Next Step.

If you’re new here (welcome!) and don’t know who or what The Next Step is: it’s my band.

I started it in high school. For about five years, it was the thing I wanted to do most. I released two EPs and three full-length albums in that time, and played countless shows (countless only because I can’t remember them all).

Most of the Next Step posts will be a chronological recounting. I’ll start at the beginning and end up somewhere close to today. With the nature of this project, there’ll be lots of photos and video and audio to share, some of it never-seen-or-heard-before.

And don’t forget: I’ll be playing some of these songs at Labyrinth Puzzle Rooms in Lakeville on May 14th! Expect a schedule for that soon.

“You’re so colorful the way you use the words you know
I thought I’d end this song with a compliment”


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