The Art Crawl is Coming!

May 7th, 2023

Hi, all!

I’ve been under the weather since Tuesday (and have been officially voiceless since Thursday, which people around me don’t seem to have a problem with, weirdly), but I wanted to make sure I shared a schedule for next weekend’s Downtown Lakeville Art Crawl!

I’ll be at Labyrinth Puzzle Rooms that day, doing giveaways and selling the words I write and sharing my snacks, and I’ll be doing a short set of Next Step songs at 3 pm! I know I just said my voice is gone (and I originally had bigger plans for the set[s]), but I’m doing my best to get some rest and have myself show-ready by Saturday.

I haven’t missed an obligation this week due to being sick, which is great for all the people I have obligations to, but it has definitely thrown me out of whack. I’ll be spending some time unwhacking myself? Is that a thing?

This Saturday, I’ll also be teaching anybody who wants to learn how to make comics, and if you have any questions about self-publishing, I’m all ears and have lots of experience to share if you need any help.

It should be a rad day and I hope to see you there! Stop by and say hello!


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