The Story So Far

So what is Brushfire about?

Wave 1

Release Date: July 4th, 2022

You have to memorize the Mission Statement: “Brushfire exists to reveal and respect the truths of the universe, and to protect and provide for all of its inhabitants.”

Brushfire is an advanced society of wildlife who live in the Burrow, a sprawling subterranean city built deep under Faribault’s Central Park.

Squirrels Bay and Elle are a part of FLARE: Fair Leaders in Action, Relief, and Exploration. The members of FLARE are the best of what Brushfire represents, and are respected and admired throughout the community for their work, their honesty, and their bravery.

Forty months ago, a group of elite scientists called the Ekpyrotic Ensemble were lost overnight while trying to tap into a vast source of mysterious power. In the present, a strange visitor lights a spark under FLARE to revisit the tragic event, as some of them discover there was more to that power than even they knew.

Wave 2

Release Date: July 4th, 2023

Description coming soon!

Wave 3

Release Date: July 4th, 2024

Description coming soon!

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