Check Your Intent

Anchored man.

June 20th, 2019

I don’t have my strong point of view because I think I’m always right.

I’m not. I’m just doing my best with the rest of you.

No, I have a strong point of view because if you want to read something bland or vague or generically inspirational, there are a million other places I could point you. I reread some of the things I write, and I ask myself, “Am I being too harsh? If a person isn’t hearing this the way that I’m saying it in my head, or the way that I feel it and mean it, is it discouraging or too sharp?”

Ultimately, I don’t think so. I really don’t hope so. I try to let one thing guide every decision I make: am I making this choice with love? Because if I am, then I can’t be wrong. I’ll explain why.

Did you know that selfies aren’t necessarily gifts of ego? It’s true. In my studies last week, we were digging deep into intent. Ultimately, I don’t think that everyone who posts a picture of themselves do it out of narcissism. In fact, I don’t think a lot of people do at all. I think sometimes you want to show instead of just tell. You want someone to see that awesome thrift store find you came across. You want them to feel that crazy cold morning with you. You want them to see the garden you put long hours into, not just because you’re proud of the work, but because your garden makes you happy, and you share it because maybe it will make other people happy, too.

It’s all about intent.

And my motto is Always Love. Even when I miss the mark. Especially when I miss the mark, because that’s my bullseye, that is my constant.

So just know that my intent is to always share my experiences and observations, and never to judge people whose ideas differ from mine. I get things wrong, and I learn, and hopefully we grow together through it.

I stand on my tippy toes for things because it feels like humanity is too often always sitting down. Not fully asleep, but not ready to run, either.

Always love, Squirrels. And check your intent.


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