Fifteen Months

I’m big for a fifteen-month-old.

March 9th, 2019

For those of you at home keeping score, today I completed 15 months of sobriety. To share how I’ve been progressing, I Googled “15 months” and all of these things accurately describe me and where I’m at:

• Walking. Your 15-month-old is probably taking at least a few steps on her own. About half of 15-month-olds can walk well. A few are even running or starting to learn to walk backwards!

• Speech. Most 15-month-olds say at least one word. Half can say at least two words. And some tots will have now ventured past “dada” and “mama” to form a growing vocabulary that includes words like “dog,” “juice” and — if you’re still breastfeeding — “boobies.”

• Identification. Your 15-month-old is starting to understand what everyday objects are used for—a broom is for sweeping and a wooden spoon is for stirring, for example. Some 15-month-olds can identify and point to a few body parts when you ask them to show you.

15-Month-Old Behavior: While it’s awesome to have an active and (mostly) happy toddler, they have their, er… moments. A few challenging behaviors at 15 months are:

• Tantums
• Separation Anxiety
• Throwing Things

This is all me in a nutshell, Squirrels.

In all seriousness, if you’re on the same journey as me, congrats on your months, your years, your decades — but most duly, I’m proud of your day, your 24 hours, because today, as you know, is all we have.


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