Scaredy Cat

You have to take that leap.

November 16th, 2019

I’m terrified, you guys.

If you’ve heard me talk at all about what’s next for me, you know that I’m collecting all the issues of The Weirdos, coloring them and releasing it as a Collector’s Edition graphic novel next year.

And I’m petrified to try to really get started.

I’ve been putting it off for weeks, taking the first real steps towards splashing digital colors on the page. I mean, I can do this. I went to art school. For three quarters. I’ve studied color and I grew up with Crayolas. I have a new tablet and a workhorse laptop.

But I’m still scared.

And that’s why I’m writing this post.

A little over a year ago, I had one issue of a comic book in a planned series out, and I was sitting at a table telling everyone what was to come. The other issues were still just ideas and sketches and storyboards and scripts. .
I was scared then, too.

And then I put in the work. And I put out two more stories in the series. And the cycle repeated. “Just wait until the next one.” And the next one didn’t exist yet, just like these two hadn’t. So, again, I put in the work.

A few months ago, the last stories of the first volume came out, and I was proud. I had done what I said I was going to do. And then it started again. I had to talk about what was next. And this is it, and this, like it always is — it’s hard.

So it starts. I’m learning new things and I’m using skills I’ve already learned and have been sharpening my whole life. If you have any words of encouragement, I’ll take them like candy.

Writing about how I’m scared, makes me less scared. Doing things that scare me to think about, makes me less scared.

Happy weekend to you, and I hope you’re finding ways to put aside your fears, and taking time to chisel some marble dreams. Don’t wait until next year. This day is here now.


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