It’s Science

May 14th, 2020

I’ve been really into science lately. Deep.

I’m reading books about the universe (or universes?). I’ve learned so much about physics. General relativity, and quantum field theory, and string theory, and I’m finding a stunning symmetry to people.

When we encounter a force we don’t understand, we have to figure out an equation to explain it. We can only use the resources we have currently available to us, but we do it, time and time again.

As we grow and learn, and get better ideas and tools, we update our equation; our conception changes because we can see it more clearly.

And that’s what we do as humans.

We meet a person, and we try to figure them out. They become an equation — a list of constants and variables that make up who they are — and that’s how we explain one another. It’s how I identify you to me.

But then, just like in science, you grow and learn and you receive more data. Our highly subjective observational instruments — our hearts, and our instincts, and our memories — update and become more refined, more detailed in their information.

And the equation changes.

And it doesn’t necessarily change the previous problem. But it becomes a more complex one.

How beautiful is it that we get to keep becoming more intricate, for the rest of our lives? That every day, hour, second and moment forever adds another layer to the answer of who we are.

You’re never solved, even after you’re gone. It would take every person who has ever met you, ever heard of you, ever read your words, ever listened to your voice, all of them; they would have to compare notes and compile their extensive data and they still would never have the complete picture.

That is how unique you are.

You are an unsolvable equation made of a math that never existed until you did. You are a code made up of a singular body and soul that can never be completely cracked.

Get the idea that you’re not special just by existing out of your damn head.

You are composed of trillions of particles that found one another in you.

That is nothing short of epic.


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