The [Hidden] Real World

May 20th, 2020

I’ve spent weeks with this book, exploring the most vast multiverses, and the tiniest quantum worlds.

I just finished it.

And now I know everything.

I’m *kidding*. But I am really proud of myself for reading an entire book about math and physics of every major kind. This is adult-level book-reading goals for me, and I pushed myself along because it doubles (see what I did there?) as research for a project I’m creating that I care deeply about.

The premise of The Hidden Reality is misleading: it promises a look at the different kinds of parallel universes that could exist according to scientific theory. It does do that, but in order to get there, it has to teach you a whole lot about physics. It’s worth every page.

I discovered Brian Greene as I was deciding which guest to watch my first Joe Rogan podcast with. Everything I read about Brian seemed to be the exact thing I’ve been looking for in my life, and his 2+ hour discussion did not disappoint. I was electrified, and he doesn’t know it, but I tell people he’s my best friend now. I immediately ordered a few of his books (and a book on religion he recommended), and I dove in.

So — what kinds of multiverses are there? Let’s see: in this book, we cover Quilted, Inflationary, Brane, Cyclic, Landscape, Quantum, Holographic, Simulated and the (awesomely-named) Ultimate Multiverse. All of them are unique, they’re mind-bending and their descriptions will make you see and experience our own reality in an entirely different way.

To use a scientific phrase: it’s dope.

Honestly, while dealing with the very real micro-stress we’re all feeling during this unprecedented time, it was almost like meditation; imagining the vast expanse of space and the infinite stretch of time.

We’re so little, you guys.

And I learned so much, and I *guarantee* I will be the most interesting person at your next cocktail party.

Just make sure you send the invitation to the right dimension.


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