Apples to WAP

March 4th, 2021

A teacher is explaining to her young student how to properly compare things in order to increase understanding.

“What is WAP?” she asks the child.

“WAP is an explicit hip-hop song whose target demographic is a mature, adult audience who appreciates both the genre and the subject matter,” the young man repilies.

“Good,” the teacher says. “Now, what is a Dr. Seuss book?”

The student seems confused.

“A Dr. Seuss book is… a book. Written for and marketed to children, who are just starting to learn about the world and are easily impressionable.”

“Okay,” the teacher says. “So, is a Dr. Seuss book a song?”

“No,” the student answers.

“Is a Dr. Seuss book explicitly intented for an adult audience?” she asks.

“No,” the student answers.

“Looking at these very basic facts, are WAP and a Dr. Seuss book two good things to compare?”

“Well, no,” the child says. “That would just be a silly exercise in unnecessarily tearing down a thing I don’t like in favor of another thing I do like.”

“Very good,” the teacher says. “Class dismissed.”


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