Two Become One

March 5th, 2021

What if you’re not really a person?

What if you’re actually just two concepts?

Two ideas with frequently oppositional magnetic poles.

Imagine two circles. I label one “Your Ideal Self,” and the other “Your Actual Self.”

Now imagine that from birth to death, all you do is push and pull these two circles together, creating a Venn diagram of varying degrees, though your ultimate goal is to unify your two circles into one. To make your actual self and ideal self the same damn self.

This is probably why so many of us are so tired all the time.

We want to be good, we want to be badass, we want to be strong, we want to be kind, we want to be productive, we want to relax, we want to be wealthy, we want to be generous — we have an ideal self that we’re constantly pursuing through trial and error, and despite our thoughts and intentions, the only results are our actual words and actions, which rarely present as perfect.

But something to consider is our idea of ideal.

Instead of forcing two different polarities to overlap and merge, maybe we just need to demagnetize entirely.

Embrace the idea that maybe your reality — the one that you inhabit right here, right now — is the ideal one.

That no matter where you were yesterday or where you’re heading tomorrow, you are where you essentially need to be today.

So you might be a person. You might also be two concepts.

But you are, without a doubt, alive, which means you are still exactly where you are supposed to be.


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I'm me, of course. Or am I?

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