A Little Shove

September 6th, 2021

Inspiration and motivation can come from the strangest and most delightful of places.

Making Brushfire is hard. It’s a lot of fun and it means the universe (multiple universes, actually) to me, but it’s been a ton of work and some days I just can’t. There’s an alternate dream reality in which my only job is a creative one, but I live in a very real world where my bills are also very real and are not paid for by art.

So I’m just a regular, tired human who gets tired regularly.

I’ve been feeling pretty discouraged lately, and then I got a message. It was from the mom of a boy who had made some art for me (I won’t call him out for the sake of his and his family’s privacy). He had done seven original drawings of the characters that I created and they are just adorable and beautiful and amazing.

And it shook my branch a little and reminded me why, even though I am a regular, tired human, I spend so much time trying to make something extraordinary.

I hope you have people like that in your life. And I hope you are the person like that in others’.

I just wanted to thank those people in mine who randomly encourage me to go on. Whether it’s a conversation about something I did or something I’m going to do, a little proverbial punch on the arm or any other kind of thumbs up, I appreciate it beyond words. Or at least these words.

Here’s a panel from that book I’m working on. It shows a few characters looking at something called the Flip Side.

I’ll catch you all over there soon.


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