Naked Truth

November 4th, 2021

I can’t walk around naked.

I’m not complaining, mind you. It’s probably best for you and me. But I want you to think about it.

Not me walking around naked, of course.

At some point in our history, humans decided that it was indecent to let all their fun bags and goodies hang out.

Instead of simply asking one another to wear clothing in order to be respectful of other decent humans, we turned that into law.

That’s right.

Even though I was born naked and being naked poses absolutely no threat to any other person, there is a law imposed on my body that I cannot deny unless I want to be subject to punishment.

I keep hearing things about “slippery slopes” and “freedom” and I can’t help but wonder:

Where is my freedom to be exactly as I am?

There is no pot of boiling water. We were cooked before we were born.

I don’t wear clothes because it’s respectful to you. I wear them because it’s best for everybody else. And also, because I literally have to.

You’re welcome.


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I'm me, of course. Or am I?

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