The Loop

November 3rd, 2021

Do you ever feel like you’re in a loop?

?pool a ni er’uoy ekil leef reve uoy oD

I hear it a lot.

“Every day feels the same.”

When a TV show lasts a long time, it tends to turn off viewers for a variety of reasons.

Yet, somehow, people are usually acutely aware of why they no longer like the TV show.

It became repetitive. Nothing was happening. It established a successful formula early on and never really deviated from it. The characters didn’t learn or grow from their experiences.

But they still wonder why they’re in a loop.

If I didn’t have creativity in my life, I’d be dead.

Not literally, physically. But emotionally, mentally, spiritually for sure.

And that’s the key: I have to have a goal in order to break the spiraling nature of ordinary existence.

It doesn’t have to be creative. That’s the amazing part of having a personal goal: it’s personal. It can be sports or a hobby or crafting or machines or photography or any kind of interest or plan that requires you to get out of bed and make progress on it.

It’s not hard to create constants in life. To create variety and arcs and something that has never been here before is to live.

?pool a ni er’uoy ekil leef reve uoy oD

Do you ever feel like you’re in a loop?

This is your chance to break it.


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