Star Wars Day 2022

May 4th, 2022

Happy Star Wars Day.

I have written at length about my love for that galaxy far, far away several times (even recently, as I was going through my first viewing of the Clone Wars television series), so I’ll keep it light (side) today.

Cold World is a love letter to many things. One of those things is pop culture, and Star Wars specifically; I’ve even described my new book half-jokingly as “Star Wars for people who don’t like Star Wars,” which will totally make sense when you read it.

For someone who is in the middle spiritually, the universe of Star Wars has been a place for me to make sense of the spiritual world. I’m not doing a bit when I say that; the idea of the Force allows me to see varieties of faith presented in terms I can comprehend, appreciate and interpret.

That’s a pretty neat trick for a story about laser swords and alien puppets.

I’m notorious for finding the good in things, and there isn’t one corner of this galaxy where I can’t discover greatness.

No matter how you choose to celebrate (or not celebrate) today, May the Fourth be with you. Always.


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