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May 4th, 2022

I hate guns. Hate ’em.

In fact, I think that anybody who owns one can’t, with a straight face or clear grasp on reality, call themselves “pro-life,” as guns are designed to only end life — human, animal, or otherwise.

Anyone who has a gun and tells you it’s strictly for “defense” is just showing off their cognitive dissonance, which is way less impressive once you look up what “cognitive dissonance” means.

So do I think guns should be outlawed?


Because the guns are out of the bag, so to speak. They will always exist because they do exist.

Keeping them legal everywhere keeps us responsible for them; we don’t get to throw our hands up in the air (metaphorically) and say they’re not our problem because they’re not allowed.

It’s bizarre, but we have a whole culture around guns, groups of people who obsess over this device that is simply here to kill.

And not only is gun culture legal, but encouraged.

Lots of people even call guns “fun.”


I don’t want to own a gun myself, but I just don’t see the logic in banning them. It allows us to theoretically keep their existence as safe as we can as fallible humans; we can educate and train people in their use; it gives us a good idea of where they go and who to.

Even though I don’t like them.

Not one bit.

Image description: it’s me firing a gun, a tool invented to kill stuff.

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