Cold World is Real

May 9th, 2022

Cold World is here.

I made a video, duh, but if you prefer, I also transcribed the words for you to read.

“Good morning, everybody! I’m Dennis, if you don’t know who I am, now we’re friends. I’m making this video because today I received my shipments of my new book, my new NOVEL, Cold World. So, we’re gonna unbox one, we’re gonna look at it together, we’re gonna talk about it for just one minute. You ready?

“So, I said it was my new novel, and it is a novel this time. It’s got more words than The Great Gatsby. So, if you consider The Great Gatsby to be a novel, then this is a novel. But is it better than The Great Gatsby? Does The Great Gatsby have laserguns and hovermobiles? I don’t know, I never finished it. Maybe it’s because it didn’t have laserguns and hovermobiles. What’s so great about that Gatsby?

“The one I’m unboxing here is the Kickstarter Exclusive version of Cold World. And the design idea for this was to make it look like the book was encased in a block of ice. And, so, I talked to my good friend, Steven, and he was my photographer for the ice and he was the co-designer of this cover. He put in a ton of work to make this thing look beautiful. Oh, my gosh. Spoiler alert, I opened up the Amazon copy, too, and it’s great, but this one is so much better! So, if you donated to the Kickstarter – if you INVESTED in the Kickstarter – you get one of these copies, and they are just – they are worth the that money I put into them, that YOU put into them. I can’t wait for you to get this one.

“I want to talk about this for just one minute. One minute. Ready, go.

“So, when people find out that I’m a writer, and that I’ve written several books, they ask, ‘Which one should I read first?’ and that’s a hard question for me to answer. So, usually, I end up asking them a bunch of questions to figure out what they’re into and then I kind of figure out what book they might like the most.

“From now on, this is the book that I’m going to tell people to read first.

“I feel like it’s a culmination of everything that I’ve done so far. It’s got the sci-fi elements of Them and Us, it deals with loss and grief like Flip and Push do, it’s got a dog named Joan who is the best, and I’ve written animals in Theia and Brushfire, and then, like Time is a Solid State and The Weirdos, I deal with a lot of major themes in life, and spirituality is a big one, and that’s the main theme of this book, spirituality.

“I feel like there’s a lot of books about strong beliefs, and there’s a lot of books about how people who are religious are crazy, and I don’t feel like there’s a lot of things for people like me who are in the middle. ‘Cause that’s what I am, I’m in the middle.

“I can’t tell you that there is no God, but I can’t tell you that I’ve found the God I believe in. But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in anything. So, this is a book dedicated to people like me who don’t feel like they’ve found ‘the right thing’ but they’ve found the right thing for themselves. I think that’s a really important distinction to make, because there are a lot of people out there who think they’ve found ‘it,’ and I think that they’re missing a big part of what life is all about. And so that’s the major part of Cold World. That’s why I wrote it, and that’s what compelled me to tell this story.

“What’s really cool about the way that I built this world is that you can, going forward, we can explore it forward, backwards or sideways, and I’m really excited for people to read it and be like, ‘I really want to know what happens with this, or that,’ or ‘Why are things this way?’ or ‘What happened to that character?’ I’m really excited to see how people gravitate. But yeah, this is a world that – like they say in Star Wars, this is the first step into a larger world.

“So, I really hope you guys love it. I hope the people who are excited about the concept love it, but I really hope the people who are kind of on the fence about it, I hope they find something to love, too.

“With that I’m gonna wrap this up. This is way more than a minute, I’m so sorry, I told you one minute and I took up more. Please forgive me. But these are going to be going out this week, if you were a Kickstarter investor. You can go on Amazon right now and you can also order your copy. Official release date is June 2nd, on June 4th, I’ll be at Mighty Fine Coffee, please come join me! Get your copy if you haven’t already bought one.

“I’m really excited. This is my eighth book. I just – I just keep doing it. And I do it because of you. So, thank you for supporting me, thanking you for reading stuff and saying nice stuff, you know, even if you’re someone who says bad stuff about my writing, good for you –”

And the video cuts off.

All I had left to say was “All my love.” All my love to anyone on this journey with me, in any capacity. This is so many flavors of crazy, as I am, and I love each one.

Happy Monday. I’ll see you soon.


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