TRUE lies

May 8th, 2022

My mom said lies that she would make true.

For example, she used to regularly tell me how nice my teeth are. Not just nice, but how I had the whitest, straightest, most astonishing teeth that she had ever seen in her entire life.

Most of you have seen my teeth. They are normal teeth, at best. I think I tried to whiten them once, but they bled all over the sink, because there was a span of over ten years where I never visited a dentist. Objectively, my teeth are okay, if you’re being generous.

But she believed it.

I could tell. She wasn’t indulging in toxic positivity, she wasn’t lying to enhance my self-esteem, she genuinely thought that I could have been a professional male model based on the quality of my molars alone.

She would compliment my hair even though I’m balding.

She thought I had style even though I dress like I can’t see myself.

She told me regularly that she thought my music sounded good. (This is my favorite because my mom was literally deaf.)

And she believed it so much that I would start to believe it, too.

I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to those who are celebrating.

But if you’re like me and feel a little down today, I have a suggestion.

Tell someone you like their teeth today.

And mean it.

And watch all the moms we have lost live on.


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