June 13th, 2022

We chose a fuel that is a limited resource, a finite thing. We choose to live far away from the places we work. We choose vehicles that are too big for the lives we lead. We choose to use those vehicles far more often than we have to, and frequently without a fair reason. We ship and receive an astounding amount of products. We refuse to adapt and commit to transportation with alternate sources of power. We choose to make a stand against people and places who are harmful to this world.

These are all choices we make as a society, and only a snapshot from the album of problems with oil we have.

Do high gas prices suck? Absolutely.

Are they a consequence of our actions? They sure are.

Anyone who is trying to make this political or conspiratorial is just another pawn of division, people who are trying to convince you a war is on its way, and you better pick a side. They’ve been doing this in a staggering variety of ways for years now, and the only reason I’m writing down these objective facts about gas and our relationship to it is to remind you: this is our fault.

Humans like to blame.

It’s easy. It feels good.

And it divides.

If division is your goal, then you find any and every way to do it.

Honestly, if Jurassic Park was real, and we could bring dinosaurs back to life, Americans would fight for their right to kill them and turn them into oil.

It wouldn’t matter when you told them it takes a long time to turn dinosaurs into oil.

They would kill the dinosaurs anyway.

And you would be un-American to be pro-Dinosaur.


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