All Hail The Empire

November 6th, 2022

I love it when people put political signs in their yard.

If I lived in a galaxy where the Empire was in charge, seeing people put pictures of Darth Vader on their lawn would give me daily motivation to keep rebelling.

Can you imagine? “Emperor Palpatine ’24.”

Of course you can imagine. That’s reality.

People have more intimate relationships with politicians now than any time I can remember. It’s part of why “political discourse” is so tense; it’s a deeply personal relationship to some. To explain to them that it’s a one-sided relationship is like trying to talk a person out of their beliefs.

The discourse is tense for everyone, however, as it’s evolved towards ideas that aren’t political at all, and instead affect the rights of all human beings.

I just watched the Jordan Klepper Daily Show midterm special.

There is so much I don’t understand.

I don’t understand most of what election result deniers believe, but there’s something that keeps me up at night.

Back in 2016, the election was decided in favor of a cruel, narcissistic, pathetic man-baby. (He didn’t even win the popular vote, but I digress.)

And the rest of us just accepted it.

I remember thinking “We lost,” not “This isn’t what I wanted so I don’t accept it.”

Because that’s democracy.

I had to stay sober under the constant influence of Donald f***ing Trump, and only a few of you know that specific struggle.

So when the tide inevitably turns, and someone loses the game, a small group with a lot of guns (to compensate for little moral integrity) try to violently take the ball home with them?

The ironic part is that the older generation always says the younger generation is screwed up, but we teach them how to act, including how to lose.

This isn’t a post telling you to vote.

This is a post telling you to rebel.

Because that’s what a democracy can be, even within its rules. A rebellion. When ideas like fascism start to pull together in such an opaque shape as to create a shadow, it’s up to a majority handful of rebels to shine a light.

My dad always told me that life’s not fair, but that you also can’t complain about the unfairness of life unless you try to do something about it.

Try rebelling.

Or try loving the Empire.


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