Static Interlude

April 26th, 2023 I’ve been distant. (Don’t act like you noticed. We can only hold 150 people in our heads and I’m not one of them.) Usually when I sit down and type one of these I have a central idea or general theme or, you know, a point. That is not what this is.Continue reading “Static Interlude”

How do I love failure? Let me count the ways

April 17th, 2023 I’ve mentioned several times that the story of my book, Us, is the story of failure; but today, I want to count the ways. Because I’m an eternal optimist, however, failure is always only half of a story. The other half is a lesson, an annoying ray of sunshine as a bookendContinue reading “How do I love failure? Let me count the ways”

Woke Up Call

April 10th, 2023 Happy Monday, y’all. I haven’t been posting much this month and I can’t throw a dart on a board to pinpoint why; it’s a whole set of concentric circles, from all the work I’m doing, the day kind and the creative kind, to obsessively watching and reading Star Wars to maintain myContinue reading “Woke Up Call”


November 23rd, 2022 I love this time of year, because I live for times when light and dark are mutually strongest. The holidays can be f—ing tough. Talking to others around a table, especially those who see the world differently than you do, can be extremely sensitive and difficult. Kirsten Powers on Substack sent theContinue reading “Grace”

All Hail The Empire

November 6th, 2022 I love it when people put political signs in their yard. If I lived in a galaxy where the Empire was in charge, seeing people put pictures of Darth Vader on their lawn would give me daily motivation to keep rebelling. Can you imagine? “Emperor Palpatine ’24.” Of course you can imagine.Continue reading “All Hail The Empire”