Season of a Thousand Nice Moments

November 19th, 2022

For the last time this season, I get to thank the best community in the universe for being the best.

Out of all the exchanges I had today, a unique one stays with me.

A woman in her seventies walked by my table. I asked her if she read. She glanced quickly over my books and told me she didn’t think she’d like any of mine.

I lightly criticized her for judging my books by their covers.

So she stopped, and we talked about my work. I got to my non-fiction book, and I told her that I write about my life.

She asked:

“Well… do you have anything to say?”

I laughed, looked at the stories I’ve created over the past ten years, and said:

“I hope so.”

I mentioned sobriety, and she told me she was three-and-a-half months sober herself, at seventy-something years old.

We had a nice moment.

It was a nice moment in a season of a thousand nice moments.

Thank you once again. For being supportive, for showing up, for being my friend.

All my love.


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