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March 6th, 2023

On Thursday, we decided to take a big swing: we announced exciting new directions and surprising new projects.

(In this post, I’m not going to link to anything, because posts with links don’t get seen as much, but I do encourage you to check out the last few days on our social media.)

It is going very badly.

We’re at only 15% of our base goal, and not even 10% to our first stretch goal. That would be like if you were trying to raise a dollar, and you were sitting on a dime.

However, this isn’t an exercise in self-pity or an essay of despair.

For a long time, I have promised to share with you the bad with the good, because that’s what life is. This isn’t good, but this could just as soon be great.

Doing the things we have to do is stressful and uncertain and often awful and when it works, when we get to make our art, there is absolutely no other magical feeling quite like it.

I just keep my head down and heart open, working on my creative self, every moment of every day. We think that what we’re trying to do is awesome. But if what we’re selling isn’t what anyone is looking for, capitalism will do its job: we won’t get funded, and won’t be able to afford to do cool stuff.

Problem totally solved.

Anyway, this photo is another attempt to put my arm around the algorithm, and an excuse to show you Marvel, though I never need an excuse to show you this actual angel on Earth.

If you’re thinking about supporting cool stuff and investing in neat people, support cool stuff and invest in neat people today.

Happy Monday and I hope I see you tonight.


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