I’m blue… (and it’s stuck in your head now.)

August 3rd, 2019

Let’s say you make a really good blueberry Danish.

And you want to share your Danish with the world.

So you decide to write down the recipe. But then you quickly realize that nobody actually makes this Danish like you do. But how could you make all these pastries and share them with the world? Well, you open a bakery.

So you start the bakery, and you don’t enlist anybody else, because like you said earlier, nobody makes these Danish like you. So you wake up really early in the morning, and you do everything it takes to make your Danish. And when they’re baked, you’re proud, but it’s not enough. They’re not being shared in the right way. So you need to expand your bakery. You need to open a restaurant.

You hire nobody else to work in your restaurant. You are the owner and the manager and the host and the server and the busser and the dishwasher, because you have come this far on your own, and the only person who knows how this Danish needs to be presented to the world is you. And it’s hard and sometimes feels impossible and it makes you crazy and lonely but once you start serving the Danish, you can feel it. You know that no matter how another person reacts to it, this is exactly how you want them to eat it. You put a lot — too much — of yourself into it, and if it is nothing else, it is absolutely you.

This is what working on The Weirdos has been like.

I’m a week away from the release date, and there is still a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that I’m working on that I won’t bother you with, but either way, my blueberry Danish will be on a plate soon.

I’m excited and nervous and, honestly — I’m just ready for everyone to eat.


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