Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About

Pieces of me.

August 5th, 2019

My dad and I were discussing what’s going on in this country yesterday when he asked me a pointed question that made me flinch.

“You keep talking about love. Why isn’t anybody listening?”

I don’t know.

I spend all this time thinking and writing and hoping and I don’t know why people aren’t listening. Why they aren’t clicking and subscribing to love.

Maybe it’s because people don’t like to compromise. They feel like if they have to give something up, even if it’s for the betterment of all people, that it isn’t fair. That it’s, ironically, taking away some of their rights, when they don’t take into consideration how many other people’s rights and lives are taken from them, every day. Love is the undeniable right, and it can’t be allowed to be taken away.

I know people don’t like to take responsibility. They don’t like to say, “I did this. I contributed to this. I didn’t stop this. What can I do now?” They like to say, “This is his fault. This is her fault. This is art’s fault. This is entertainment’s fault. This is your fault. But this is not my fault.” Love doesn’t take sides, because it has nothing to prove. It exists for everybody to have, to give, to use, to cling onto when everything else has fallen away.

As I’m writing, I still can’t explain why nobody is listening. But I can reiterate that it doesn’t mean we should ever stop.

We need to talk more, and louder, and with greater passion and compassion. We need to see things how they were, how they are and how we want them to be. When we make decisions, simple and difficult alike, we have to ask what the root of our making is. Is it love? Because if it’s not, then we’re doing it wrong. Fear is not the reason to make choices. Hate is not the reason to make choices. Apathy is never a reason for anything.

I need to keep talking about love because eventually the right person will hear it. And they’ll share it with the next right person. And eventually, we’ll all discover the cure for whatever sickness this world has and maybe it won’t be so bad.

So keep doing it.

Keep talking about love. And talk about it like nobody’s listening, because that is when you’re the most honest.


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