Safe Place

You are safe here.

January 15th, 2019

Every time that you call someone a snowflake or an entitled millenial, or complain about people getting too easily offended and not being tough enough, the people in your life who are going through things see that, and you take yourself off the table as a kind and open person they can feel safe to go to.

People forget that with free speech comes consequences, and if you want to be that jerk who potentially loses someone because you really have something important to say about people today, then go for it. But don’t act confused when people out there are being hurt and hurting themselves when they don’t feel safe enough with the people in their life to ask for help.

Safe place over here. And I know a lot of folks who I feel safe talking to, too. Have a kind day and be nice to each other, Squirrels. I have more than enough room in my life for people who try.

And this dog. I have all of the room for this dog.


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