The Weight of the World

May 21st, 2020

Imagine an enormous boulder on your bathroom scale. If you snuck underneath it, you could see its weight.

If a single raindrop fell from the sky, and landed on the boulder, it would not change its displayed weight at all.

This is how I imagine most people feel they affect the world.

Now, imagine an enormous boulder on the very edge of a cliff. It’s teetering, bordering on release, at the peak of its potential energy.

If a single raindrop fell from the sky and hit the boulder on just the right spot, it could cause an avalanche.

And that is what we actually are.

A string of your words could inspire somebody to do something great, to achieve a goal, to go after their dream. Conversely, your post could be the shove that finally pushes somebody off of a ledge.

I am sure I am guilty of both.

But we’re all raindrops. Tiny, significantly powerful raindrops.

And as we all fall from our clouds, side by side, we need to take care of how we land.

Because some avalanches are avoidable, and some soil could use our gifts.


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I'm me, of course. Or am I?

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