Bigger on the Inside

October 15th, 2020

My dog loves everybody.

She cannot handle her damn self when presented (or creating) an opportunity to love on someone. This often displays itself as complete face-licking abandon; sometimes she pulls on her leash so hard my arm is dislocated from the shoulder.

The other day, she was happily flopping on the end of her line when a neighbor walked past. The neighbor made me snort when she said to my girl:

“You are too little to be doing all that.”

I laughed and agreed with her in the moment, but in reality, I couldn’t disagree more.

Never let anybody tell you that you are too small to be who you are.

I would argue that none of us have a body that adequately contains everything we keep inside.

In one of the multiple universe theories, it argues that are there are an infinite number of infinite universes that are perpetually growing. Think about that. In order for there to be separate universes, it requires that each universe has a border; but within each so-called border, the universe is infinite AND growing.

As my favorite doctor would say: “It’s bigger on the inside.”

So let it spill out. Let your enthusiasm and knowledge and curiosity and heart — your infinite love and soul — escape your pores and break through your dams and let yourself do “all that.”

Love on everyone around you, with complete, face-licking abandon.

There is no greater lesson.


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