Kindness Sticks

October 29th, 2020

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, and I have no interest in adding to the political discussion. I’m also not the kind to give direct advice, but I do have something to say during this last week of the election.

What I’ve learned, especially over the last few years, is simple: when your base of beliefs and system of discourse is love, compassion and understanding, you can never be objectively wrong. A person may say you are, but morality is a perfect judge.

Look, this year has been awful, and the past few weeks especially so, on a personal level. I just feel so heavy all the time.

But as I watch argument after argument unfold, debate after meaningless debate spill over, I find the only things worth holding onto, and the only things sticking to my hair, to be the things of kindness.

We live in a post-fact world. It’s terrifying, but it’s true. People have always been seeking to find the evidence to support what they believe, and not necessarily what is true. Truth is the basis of democracy, and without truth, democracy ceases to exist.

Love is an absolute truth, and with that in mind, I want you to remember something:

This election will come and go. But you will forever have to live with the person you’ve been during it.

I know a thing or two about saying the wrong thing. I’ve done it a lot, and I’ve said things, even to strangers on the internet, that I wish I would have said differently, or not at all. Only by being able to admit that I make mistakes am I okay being in this physical body I inhabit.

So be kind, but not false; don’t adopt a fake manner that betrays who you are.

No, be kind — like the fate of your country, heart, and soul depend on it. It’ll be the only way we get out of this alive.


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