Interview: Noggin Comics at Issues Needed in Apple Valley

July 11th, 2021

Who has a brand new interview for your eyes and ears to behold? Why, we do!

If you’ve never met Nora and Kyle (otherwise known as Noggin Comics), then you’re missing out on the sweetest duo in our comic community. They have been nothing but kind and insightful since I met them at a convention years ago, and I jumped at the chance to be their first interview, which Issues Needed in Apple Valley was fantastic enough to facilitate.

Despite a few initial butterflies, we had a delightful, energetic chat and (as you can clearly see) I could have talked to them for another eight hours. We discuss my work, life, comics, television, film and more.

All to remind you that in just 9 days, on July 21st, we will back at Issues Needed to celebrate some books with a good old-fashioned get-together. I really, really hope to see you soon! 💜

I hope you enjoy our talk half as much as we enjoyed talking.


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