August 17th, 2021

Imagine I am holding a hot dog.

I set the hot dog on the table between us, and I pull out a ruler. From one end to the other, the hot dog measures 6 inches long.

“As you can clearly see and I have accurately measured, this hot dog is 6 inches long,” I tell you.

“I believe it is 3 inches long,” you reply.

I look at you long and hard, because that particular phrase is really funny to me in this context.

“There is nothing you can say to convince me otherwise,” you add. “I know what I believe in my heart, and that hot dog is 3 inches long.”

I believe you. I truly believe that you believe that.

And at the same time, I will not have you gaslighting me about the size of the hot dog.

I “learned” a lot of “interesting” things after yesterday’s post. But mostly, that what I wrote caused people to behave exactly the way I described them as behaving.

Regardless of personal opinion, believing in God objectively puts you in the majority. Look at the numbers. You are not the persecuted. You are not the small, or the silenced, or the underdog.

But I repeat: if your thing doesn’t include every being in this universe, no strings attached, no judgement allowed, then I just can’t believe in it. It doesn’t feel right in my heart.

We can disagree on the size of the hot dog all day long. And I can accept you and what you believe.

But at the end of the day, if you can’t accept and love every person for who they are and what they believe, without trying to change them today or tomorrow, then how can you be sure in what you believe?

Is the world, as above, perfectly designed? Are its people? Because, if so, they need no intervention by you or me to remain as divine.


Published by dennisvogen

I'm me, of course. Or am I?

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