Them + Us: Special Edition

October 9th, 2021

On April 1st, 2013, I released my first book, Them. It’s a violent, funny, absolutely absurd story featuring mysterious aliens, deeply flawed humans, and buckets of vomit and blood (and a shot of excrement).

Exactly a year later, I returned with Us, the second half of the traumatizing tale.

In 2021, I revisit the series with a razor-like clarity and vengeance.

Say hello to Them + Us: Special Edition.

Not that I need them, but I have multiple reasons for wanting to do this version of the story.

– I wanted to put both novellas back into print and into the same book. The initial print runs for both Them and Us were extremely small and have been sold out for years. They are also the last of my books I released through BookBaby (which is a great company to work with); like Taylor Swift, by releasing this version, I gain complete control over my work, as opposed to having a middle group between us.

– I wanted to take the same Special Edition approach I did with Flip, being able to see the story with fresh, confident eyes, and able to edit for clarity and enhance the text and structure without changing the plot.

– Speaking of the story: this was not only ahead of its time, but ahead of me at the time. I’ve been thinking about how much I love these novellas and their themes and, especially in recent years, I’ve been able to identify what it was trying to say all along. All the characters are gray, including the main character, whose complexity suggests there may be no real “good guys” or “bad guys” at all.

This is one of two announcements I have for the rest of this year. If you weren’t able to check this work out in the beginning, you’re able to pick it up now, better than it ever was. It honestly is audacious and outrageous and it’s the work of a young punk who was just working out the chords. It’s loud and unapologetic. I hope you dig it.

Out soon. All my love.


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