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October 10th, 2021

Today’s win was amazing. Not because it got us into the playoffs, or gave us a championship, but because it reminded us of the one of the best traits inherent in humanity.


We get let down a lot. Most of us have unrealistic expectations. Only the greatest of us have no expectations at all.

It isn’t the worst trait to want the best possible outcome, but we can let it turn into an ugly one when we lose. It becomes even uglier when we express our disappointment or disgust over any thing or person that we have no right to or over. That goes beyond any sports team or book series or film franchise.

Most of the people and stuff we love will let us down. I know I’ve let people down. Terribly. I let myself down. Often. (This photo would be adorable if I would have known how many beers was enough at the time, that number for me being zero.)

But when it happens — the miracle, the win, the best possible outcome — in a world that conditions us to prepare for the worst and to protect our hearts from breakage, it is not only an exhilarating and life-affirming moment, but it reminds us why humanity is so special and so stupid in our willingness to believe.

In absolutely anything. Especially each other.

So, the W is great. I’ll take it any day. But the moment we shared? It’s priceless. Like our basic humanity itself.


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