CHVRCHES & Donna Missal at the Armory

November 18th, 2021

Sometimes you just need to be in a room with transcendent art to remind you why you love art and why you love making it.

We saw CHVRCHES last night at the Armory and they were brilliant; their opening act, Donna Missal, became an instant new favorite, her sound impossible to pin down but her voice a unique, undeniable superpower. It was the most urgent show I have ever attended, not wanting it to end from the moment we walked into the venue, beautiful sand speeding through our fingers. It was over in the blink of an eye. But it gave me everything I needed.

I’ve talked about how lonely and occasionally stressful writing and creating art can be, and I am deep in the cave of those feelings right now. Some days I know I need to get work done and there is no earthly power that can get me to move.

Sometimes you just need a reminder, and I am so grateful to the marvelous members of CHVRCHES and Donna Missal for gently slapping me across the head.

I’m teaching a writing class today and can’t wait to share some of this artistic joy I’m carrying in my pocket. I hope you find something today that reminds you how amazing this life is.


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