Nothing so Big

November 19th, 2021

There are days when we go through something that seems bigger than we can keep holding up.

On those days, the small things can feel less than trivial. The mundane details of our normal lives are smears, becoming blurs along the tunnel vision we get looking at the massive, inescapable thing.

I have to let you in on a little secret, though.

Those little things, the tiny gears of your existence, the million decisions you make at home or at your job, they are there to remind you that life goes on.

No matter how much you think this thing is going to crush you, grind you into something unfamiliar and coarse, it’s just not.

The inescapable stream of time will move you forward, pulling your feet through the grains of tasks that some days appear or feel meaningless, but are reminders that there will always be something to do, until there’s not.

You will wake up tomorrow and the thing will still be there, or it won’t, but you definitely will, as well as all the small stuff you generally sweat but can be just as sweet.

There will be people to say good morning to; people who ask how you are, and who you ask how they are in kind. There will be pets who need to be pet. There will be food that needs to be eaten and drinks that need to be drunk, books to be read, films to be watched. There are kids who will laugh and play and need someone like you in their life.

It feels so big right now. I know it does.

But there is nothing so big that the smaller things can’t fix.


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