Believe In Me Like I Believe In You

That’s a Smashing Pumpkins line for those of you without any game.

December 5th, 2019

What would you do if a complete stranger walked up to you and told you where you’re going to be two years from now?

He’s not guessing. He knows. He tells you that two years from now, you will be happier. He tells you that sights are going to be brighter, tastes are going to be sweeter, sounds are going to be clearer, edges are going to be sharper, weights are going to be lighter and everything else will be a little lighter, too.

You’re going to feel a new freedom. You won’t be, and will never be, perfect. But you’ll have insight into that, and not only will you learn ways to get better, you’ll be eager to use them.

He tells you all of these great things are going to happen to you — “but.”

“But,” he says. “You’re going through some stuff right now. I know that, too. And here’s the deal: if you don’t do something about that, as soon as possible, your life isn’t going to be what I just described. It will be something different. And all I can tell you is that I have seen you do it. You decided, right now, to address the things in your life that are killing you slowly and you did it. So — will you do it?”

What would you say?

I can’t even answer that question for sure. But if you would say yes, if you’d agree to start living right now, then why wouldn’t you say yes to that voice in your own mind and heart that tells you this every single day?

I have a big date coming up, so I get reflective. And I wonder, what if a stranger had done this for me?

So, if it takes a stranger to tell you, then let it be me.

Re-read this post, but now hear it like I’m talking to you. If it doesn’t resonate, or it’s simply not relevant, then I am beyond happy for you and your happiness, and I wish you that always.

But if it takes a stranger to tell you I’ve seen it, you do it, you are so amazing and all it takes is a try — then listen to me. Because I believe in you, and sometimes that’s all it takes to remind you to believe in yourself.

So I hope you can listen to a stranger. But so much more than that, I hope you can start to hear yourself.

Because I’ve seen it. You do it. And you are so amazing.


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