Gossip, Girl

Kid’s got bigger arms than Spider-Man.

October 15th, 2019

Gossip is awful.

I am also terribly guilty of it. I would never assume you are or have been, too, because that would be gossiping and I am no fool to these self-imposed tricks.

One of the best tools I’ve learned in battling the deeply natural act of talking shit about one another is to ask myself: when I’m speaking about another human being, which unfortunately is a thing we all have to do on a regular basis, am I speaking objectively or subjectively? Am I stating facts to support a point I am trying to make, or am I saying things about this person that are irrelevant to this story or are completely my opinion?

And if I am speaking subjectively about a person, am I doing it in either a positive way or with the intention of wanting to help that person, assuming I can.

Because, if I’m not, I need to gently remind myself to shut the hell up.

There are times when we need to vent, and that too is completely natural. But if I am in my resting state and the first thing I want to do is dive into another person’s less-than-perfect life decisions, then something is wrong with ME.

Gossip is awful. But making the next right decision is easy.

I haven’t posted a Spidey pic in a while and this one is excellent; our words are powerful. And with them, something something responsibility. You know the drill.


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