Squirrel Life

April 30th, 2020

I’ve been asked about my obsession with squirrels, and I have to say: it’s everything. The aesthetic. The personality. The community. The particular and peculiar ways they create uncontrollable chaos in a world that demands control.

But the biggest thing is their lesson.

Every day, somewhere, a squirrel decides to cross a road. This happens millions of times. And, more often than not, a massive problem comes hurtling at them, giving them just moments to react.

In this situation, a squirrel has three choices:

1. To go back to where he started.

2. To get hit and be destroyed on impact.

3. To keep going and get to the other side of the road.

And that’s life.

When we face an obstacle or unfortunate circumstance, we can let it set us back, we can let it destroy us, or we can let it push us forward. It’s so simple and beautiful and it makes me proud to be a squirrel in tune with the universe, and happy to call you a fellow squirrel.

Sometimes you see the sign of wildlife who didn’t make it, but it serves as a reminder of this basic understanding of life.

So, the next time a problem threatens to run you over, take a moment to remember there’s just three ways out, and that you are a capable creature.


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