One More Thank You, How To Read A Comic Book, It’s Release Day & My Birthday!

May 1st, 2020

“For the first 35 years of my life, I was a bit player. …When the time came, I knew I had to be more.”

– Dolores Abernathy, this week’s episode of Westworld

It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to. 😂 If you don’t want to watch 7 delightful minutes of my face talking words, here are the highlights:

A Final Thank You (But Not Really Final): Just wanted to give more gratitude to everyone who has supported me in any and every single way. Thank you from the bottom of my warm, dark heart.

How To Read A Comic: There are people who have never read a comic, AND THAT IS FINE. I’m here to help! It’s just left to right, like a regular book, and I show you how.

Something Personal: I talk about the deeper meanings and deeply personal connections I’ve made through this book. (Do I get emotional? You bet your beautiful bottom, I do.)

Today Is TWO Big Days: It’s the official release day of my graphic novel, The Weirdos, and it’s my birthday! There was supposed to be two parties this week; there ended up being none, and that’s okay. Wishing a happy birthday to EVERYONE who is celebrating at this unique and a little lonesome time.

Want to give me an absolutely FREE birthday present? Go to Amazon and give my book a review. It’ll take a minute and bring eyes to it!

Want to buy my book? It is available on NOW! Go get it!

Love you all. Have a wonderful weekend. Hope you’re staying well, safe and sane. 💜


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