July 28th, 2020

I’m seeing a lot of copying & pasting. An abundance of sharing of other people’s words.

I don’t give advice, but as someone who cares deeply about humans, I feel like there’s a better way.

Maybe you could speak from your own heart. Maybe you could use your own words.

A generic message that took someone mere seconds to share has rarely changed a world, big or small.

I’m also seeing a lot of people feel called out. It’s especially telling when the written thing they feel called out about never mentions them or the thing they feel passionate about.

I’ve been attacked a lot lately.

Again, no advice, but a suggestion: maybe — just maybe — the reason you’re constantly feeling called out is because that fiery voice in your chest we call a conscience is trying to tell you something.

Nearly everything I post is from a place of compassion, hope and love. Everyone has the right to be; if something you do or say infringes on that right, then you’re wrong. I don’t claim to know Jesus like some of y’all, but he seems like a good dude who would be mighty disappointed at the state of the way some people are treating people.

I included these insights with a cute picture of my dog for a variety of reasons.

To get your attention. To get those likes. To show people my dog.

But my dog is also a great equalizer. She’s a neutral subject; she loves every single person unconditionally, whether they deserve it or not.

Even those people on the internet who hate me, or call me an idiot, or a snowflake, or a piece of shit. Which they do, with gusto.

She loves me even though those people don’t think I deserve it.

And because of her, I love them, too.


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I'm me, of course. Or am I?

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