Introduction: Fall 2021 Collection

September 19th, 2021

Hi. Hey. Hi! I wasn’t sure how to start this introduction to myself so I used all three as a placeholder and I forgot to go back and delete two. I’ll be going out into the world for the next month and meeting new friends and possible fans and hopefully not potential stalkers and I wanted a new introduction post to pin to my social media so people who don’t know me can get to know me and my work better.

This is the post.


My name is Dennis Vogen. I’m a writer and a lot of other things but if you tore me apart and looked at the thing that was deepest inside myself, it would be a writer. And maybe a squirrel.

I was born in the 80’s and a child in the 90’s and a child in the 00’s and 10’s and 20’s, too. I’m an advocate and victim of both nostalgia and the future.

I write a lot on the internet, about a lot of things, but I generally write about them in my voice from inside my head and from my tilted point of view. “Radical empathy” is one of my favorite phrases and I try to use it as the facet I project my light through.

As of this post, I have released seven books, three albums of music, countless videos and posts and essays and just a lot of words and sounds in general.

So what should you read? Let me try to reduce each book to a sentence or two.

Them & Us, my first and third novellas, are about Kim, a young woman whose parents disappear on the same day our planet is attacked by people from another world. It’s violent and funny and absolutely the work of a first-time author.

Flip & Push, my second and fifth novellas, are about Liam, a man who has vivid dreams and becomes obsessed with a serial killer named Alen, who is murdering people in theirs. These books are about dreams and loss and grief, and people have reached out to me most about them.

Theia is my fourth novella, about a silver Boston Terrier who is trapped in an shelter and just wants to get out. I wrote it at the end of the summer of 2020, and it is very much a book about 2020 as told through its animals.

The Weirdos is my first graphic novel, about people with problems who have potential; superheroes who deal with real shit, like alcoholism, depression, cancer, anger and other mental health issues.

And Time is a Solid State is a collection of online posts and essays, from a span of almost five years and about a multitude of topics. Some people told me they wanted a book of my non-fiction stuff, I wanted a book of my non-fiction stuff, so this is a book of my non-fiction stuff.

This introduction is entirely too long and I still have a lot to say so I guess it’s good you’re following me on social media where I say all of those things.

Thank you for reading. I hope you keep reading. All my love.


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