Don’t worry about the bacon.

December 24th, 2021

I want to tell you a story about bacon.

Last night, we ordered a chicken bacon artichoke pizza to bake at home.

When we opened it, there was no bacon on it.

I didn’t call them to say anything. I ate the pizza and I was grateful.

Now, I feel like even the most well-meaning person would say: “Well, you should have let them know they made a mistake.”


I have ordered countless pizzas from this place and they have never made this mistake before. When I got the other pizzas exactly how I ordered them, I never once called them to let them know they got it exactly right, even though their batting average is just about .999.

When you hear about the world going mad right now, that’s no lie. People are getting arrested in record numbers on airplanes. Families and friends are on edge and relationships are splintering and breaking every day. I can’t remember a time in my life when I have heard the phrase “worst service ever” with such regularity.

Which is a loaded thing to say. Think about it: “worst ever” describes an event that happens only once in your life. Once. Ever. And I would guess an actual “worst ever” experience would probably lead to death.

I’m listening to my neighbor outside right now on the phone, talking to a restaurant about how, while she understands it’s a busy season and the industry is severely understaffed, she still didn’t get the service she deserves. She’s wondering how long it will take to get the gift card.

This is just a reminder to take inventory of who you are right now. Think about your tone. Think about the words you say. Think about your level of gratitude.

We think about our big legacies a lot. How the people we know will remember us. But the truth is, you will meet most of the people in your life just one time. Which means you have a lot of tiny legacies, and I would hope that you’d want them to be kind.

The universe has been around for billions of years and you mean nothing to it. So it’s up to you to make something of it.

Don’t worry about the bacon. It is just. freaking. bacon.


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