A Meditation On Worry

Why don’t you slide?

June 25th, 2019

I heard a wonderful concept today: if you can worry, then you can meditate, because worrying is just meditating about all the wrong things.

Hell, yeah, it is.

Instead of finding my inner peace and shit, I repeat things like, “I am such an awkward loser” in my head until I believe it to be the truth. I replay things I didn’t do right today until the needle on my memory record is worn out. What if I just replace those words and ideas with better ones?

It seems simple, and that’s because it is. We’re the ones who complicate them. So while my meditation may never be sitting on a pillow shaped like a whale and moaning like a monk, I think I can get in the habit of thinking things like: “Well, nothing today caught on fire in my life, so I would consider that a success.”

And the day something does catch on fire, I hope my moments of meditation will give me the strength to put it out.


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