Love Thy Neighbor

This is our friendly neighborhood.

February 18th, 2019

I post this because I am seeing a lot of hatred on the internet today, in all of its forms, and I think we need a moment — all of us — to reflect.

Something that I have had a really hard time dealing with lately is seeing posts from devout Christian family members and friends who are also gung-ho Trump supporters, because the messages are so radically different, painfully jarring and truly disheartening. The same people posting about loving all of God’s children, about loving our sisters and brothers and neighbors, are also shouting BUILD THAT WALL at uncomfortable levels of caps lock and I don’t see how they can’t see what I see:

You can’t pick and choose your God’s words as you see fit — how they can benefit you — and still call yourself a devout follower of that God and his teachings. They all apply or none of them apply, because God isn’t man — he will never change and, according to his own laws, he is perfect.

Love thy neighbor is never love thy neighbor, except when. It’s just love.

Do you want to know what makes me different from a typical Trump supporter? Donald Trump is an evil man — he’s corrupt, a proven liar and a whole laundry list of stereotypical bad guy things, but guess what? Even though I will fight what he stands for until the bitter end, I know I have to love him as another human being on this planet. I have to. I can’t wish death upon him, because I know it’s wrong, and it goes against my own beliefs. I am not a God, but I believe in love, because it is the realest thing. I have seen waves upon waves of his supporters who do not feel that same way. Who wish death or harm upon others. Who drown others who are not like them in their hate.

That is not a belief we can stand with. It is not who we are, it is not who our country is and it sure as hell is not God. If you do not believe in love, then you cannot call yourself a Christian. And if you do — if you don’t practice what you preach and what you preach is love — then we have a way bigger mess on our hands than a wall.

We have an existential crisis. Or something.


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